This is a help page for some basic tips on how to use the high resolution image viewers.

You can move around the image by dragging (click and hold the mouse down and move around).
The video below will show you how to change the mouse drag direction for moving around the image
using right-click on the drawing to bring up a contextual menu.


You can zoom into the image by using the scroll wheel of your mouse
and it will zoom towards the position of the mouse pointer.
You can alternatively use the keyboard and move around with arrow keys
and zoom with +and - keys on numerical keyboard or a and z keys.

Not all web browsers are color managed, it seems that Safari for mac and Windows
is color managed out of the box, newest versions of Firefox might be and others also
by turning it on in the preferences/settings.
Different monitors or display screens can also give different colors.
The viewers don't currently work on mobile devices.
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